Whole Home Audio

Whole home audio…an affordable luxury.

Music just makes life better. So why listen to your favorite tunes in just the living room when you can have them play in every room of your home? Why have multiple stereo systems throughout the house when you can have one system that plays in every room? With a multi-zone whole home audio system everyone in the family can listen to their own music, in their own room, at their own volume… all at the same time. 

Connect any source—iPod, XM/Sirius, CD, media server, or the radio—and control it easily from a wall-mounted keypad or integrate it into a home automation system and control it from a touch screen, hand-held remote, or even an iPod/iPhone/iPad. 

Once you make the switch to a whole home audio system, you won’t believe you’ve lived this long without it.   It’s music to your ears…and at your fingertips.   

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