Increasing luxury and reducing cost.

More and more, guests have come to expect a level of convenience and luxury in a hotel that can only be achieved through a partnership with technology.  Fortunately, the systems that provide guests with the luxury they desire can also provide hotel management with a means of enhancing efficiency and reducing costs.

C4 designs systems for virtually all areas of the hospitality industry, including guest room, conference & meeting rooms, ballroom & lecture halls, media & control centers, restaurants & night clubs, pool, spas, fitness centers, even golf courses.

The applications for our systems are numerous:

  • Guest suite control systems allow guests to control various systems including lighting, HVAC, window shades, in-suite audio, television & on-demand video, on-screen menus, activity scheduling, checkout system, etc.
  • Occupancy sensors reduce costs by turning off lights, controlling window shades, and shutting off HVAC systems when not in use
  • Media & Command Control centers allow hotel management to control all technology from one location
  • Guest room audio & video systems
  • Digital signage & way finding
  • Emergency alert & communication systems
  • Lighting and shading systems
  • On-screen menus, scheduling, and checkout
  • On-demand video
  • Guest room audio (frequently with iPhone/ipod integration)
  • Conference & ballroom audio/video

Learn more about the technology behind control systems.